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Links to materials available for download at no charge

American Chestnut Learning Box

The Learning Box is a work in progress. The link above takes you to explanatory materials created by Dr. Gary Carver to accompany some of the the hands-on items that he has provided for learning boxes in Maryland.

The American Chestnut video by Thomas Nassif

An 18 minute video that tell the story of the chestnut and TACF, documents controlled pollination and shows the basics of hypovirulence.

Charlie Chestnut Environmental Education Program

This classic created by the NY Chapter of TACF has lesson plans and worksheets in a .pdf file that is worth searching for.

Lesson Plans by Shelley Casey - NSF Kenan Fellows Program at NCSU

Students will study how biotechnology is being used to develop a blight resistant tree. They will engage in hands-on activities that have students apply their knowledge of DNA and genetics to simulate the steps needed to find the genes for resistance and insert them into an American Chestnut tree. Lessons are designed to be used for any level of Biology student and do not require high tech equipment.

American Chestnut Loaner Lab (University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute and Towson University)

Download the teacher's manual for the Chestnut Tree Lab. Loaner Lab kits made available to MD schools at no cost. A model for a national package to meet technology SOLs along with teaching chestnut science

Penn State Chestnut Growers Website

Everything a chestnut grower needs to know and much more, including back issues of the TACF Journal and other publications in pdf format.

Issue 11 Compass Magazine

A great resource for classroom use, with good photos and basic information along with an introduction to some advanced scientific work.

From the Woods - Chestnut Brochure

This four-page, full-color publication tells the history of American Chestnut, the blight that wiped it out, and research on blight resistant chestnut trees. It is part of an educational series for youth. (2004).

Doris Goldman Coloring Book

Created by Pennsylvania Chapter volunteer Doris Goldman

Meadowview Research Farms Website

Science resources, including slideshows for various audiences prepared by TACF Head Pathologist Dr. Fred Hebard

The American Chestnut Foundation

Links to science and grower resources

Links to display panels, slide presentation, backcross breeding chart